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Can GitLab runners run on a macOS machine?

Yes, GitLab runners can run on a macOS machine. GitLab supports various types of runners, including those for macOS, Linux, and Windows environments. This allows you to set up runners on different operating systems to accommodate the specific needs of your projects.

For macOS projects, you can install and register a GitLab runner on a macOS machine, and it will be able to execute CI/CD jobs for iOS, macOS, or any other project that requires macOS-specific tools and dependencies.

Here are the general steps to set up a GitLab runner on a macOS machine:

Prepare macOS Machine

Ensure you have access to a macOS machine (either physical or virtual) that meets the system requirements for running Xcode and building iOS/macOS projects.

Install GitLab Runner

On the macOS machine, install GitLab Runner by following the official documentation for macOS installation (

Register Runner

After installing GitLab Runner, register it with your GitLab instance using the registration command in the terminal:

sudo gitlab-runner register

Choose Runner Executor

During the registration process, you'll be asked to choose an executor. For macOS projects, choose the "shell" executor or the "docker" executor with a macOS image, depending on your needs.

Obtain GitLab Runner Token

To register the runner, you'll need a GitLab Runner token. You can find this token in your GitLab project settings under Settings > CI/CD > Runners.

Configure Runner

Provide the GitLab Runner token, the GitLab URL, and any other required information during the registration process.

Start Runner Service

Start the GitLab Runner service on the macOS machine:

sudo gitlab-runner start

Once the GitLab runner is set up and registered on the macOS machine, it will be able to execute CI/CD jobs for projects that target the macOS environment. This enables you to automate the build, test, and deployment processes for your iOS and macOS applications directly from GitLab using GitLab CI/CD pipelines.