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How do I fix GitLab CI/CD pipeline "cache not found for input file" errors?

GitLab CI/CD pipelines may encounter "Cache not found for input file" errors if the cache for a specific input file cannot be located. You can try the following methods to solve this problem:

Step 1: Examine the Cache Configuration

The .gitlab-ci.yml file's cache settings should be checked first. Make sure the input file's cache key is set up properly. When using the GitLab web interface, you can check the cache configuration by going to the job's details page and searching for the "Cache" field.

Example cache configuration in .gitlab-ci.yml:

- some/cache/path

Step 2: Check Cache Creation

The cache must first be verified as having been created if the cache configuration is accurate. When a job runs for the first time, GitLab automatically creates the cache. Verify that the cache was created and that the job completed properly.

Step 3: Verify the Cache Location

Checking the cache's location comes next if it was created. Make sure the cache is located in a directory that the GitLab Runner can reach. Go to the job's details tab in the GitLab web interface and search for the "Cache paths" field to see where the cache is located.

Step 4: Check the Cache Expiration

Checking the cache expiration comes next if the cache location is accurate. Verify that the cache has not been deleted or has not expired. By going to Settings > CI/CD and searching for the "Expiration time" setting, you can check the cache expiration in the GitLab web interface.

Example cache configuration with expiration in .gitlab-ci.yml:

- some/cache/path
policy: push
expire_in: 1 week

Step 5: Check for GitLab Runner Issues

If the aforementioned procedures are unsuccessful in fixing the problem, the GitLab Runner itself may be to blame. Make sure the program is activated and configured properly. By going to Settings > CI/CD > Runners in the GitLab web interface, you can verify the status of the runner.

You can also look through the runner logs for more details. Search for any error messages or stack traces that might point to the problem's origin.


In summation, incorrect cache configuration, cache creation issues, cache location or expiration issues, or GitLab Runner issues can all result in "cache not found for input file" errors in GitLab CI/CD pipelines. You can resolve the problem and guarantee that your pipeline functions properly by carrying out the procedures listed above.