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How do I fix GitLab Runner "time limit reached" errors?

When a job runs over the time limit specified by the runner or GitLab instance, "Time limit reached" errors may appear in GitLab Runner. You can try the following methods to solve this problem:

Step 1: Verify Time Limit Configurations

Checking the time restriction settings on the runner and the GitLab instance is the first step. Make sure the runner's time limit is set far enough in advance to account for the length of the job. Using the command below, you can look up the time limit setting for the runner in the runner configuration file (/etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml):

sudo cat /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml

By going to Settings > CI/CD and searching for the "Default timeout" setting, you can also check the GitLab instance's time limit setting. Make sure the time limit is established far enough in advance to account for the length of the job.

Step 2: Check Job Duration

Checking the task duration comes next, provided that the time limit settings are accurate. Check to see if the task is taking longer than anticipated to finish. By going to the job's details page and looking for the "Duration" field, you can check the job duration in the GitLab web interface.

You might need to optimize the job's scripts or artifacts if it is taking longer than anticipated to complete.

Step 3: Check for Resource Contention

Checking for resource contention is the next step if the task duration is not the problem. Make sure the runner has everything they need to complete the task. The runner might not have enough resources if other jobs are being executed by it at the same time to finish the task in the allotted period.

Step 4: Check Runner Logs

You can examine the runner logs for more details if the aforementioned steps are unsuccessful in fixing the problem. The logs can assist in locating the issue's primary cause.

Search for any error messages or stack traces that might point to the problem's origin.


In conclusion, incorrect time limit settings, lengthy jobs, resource shortages, or problems with the runner logs can all result in "time limit reached" errors in GitLab Runner. You can resolve the problem and guarantee that your pipeline functions properly by carrying out the procedures listed above.

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