Disabling Shared Runners in GitLab to Use Cloud-Runner's Runners

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GitLab provides shared runners to run your projects' CI/CD pipelines. To use the runners offered by cloud-runner.com, you might want to deactivate the shared runners if you have a subscription to a third-party service like that one.

To deactivate shared runners in GitLab, follow our step-by-step guide below and click here to deploy your code into production 10x faster.

Why Consider Moving Away from GitLab's Shared Runners?

GitLab's shared runners have long been a staple for many businesses. However, as projects grow and demands surge, these runners might not always keep pace. Several compelling reasons to consider an alternative are:

Performance: GitLab's shared runners can sometimes be slow, especially during peak usage times. This can lead to delays in CI/CD processes, potentially affecting development cycles.

Dedicated Resources: Switching to managed runners like Cloud-Runner ensures you have dedicated resources for your jobs. This means consistent performance, regardless of how many other users are running jobs at the same time.

Optimized for Your Needs: Platforms like Cloud-Runner are tailored to provide optimized CI/CD experiences. Their infrastructure is crafted to handle CI/CD jobs efficiently, offering faster build and deployment times.

How to Disable Shared Runners in GitLab?

To make the most of third-party runner solutions, like Cloud-Runner's, it's essential to disable GitLab's default shared runners. Here's how:

1. Access GitLab

Use your GitLab account details to access your GitLab instance.

2. Access Settings.

In the top right corner of the GitLab interface, click on your user icon. Then, choose "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

3. Navigate to CI/CD Settings.

Select "CI/CD" from the menu on the left-hand side of the Settings screen.

4. Disable shared runners

Scroll down to the "Runners" section on the CI/CD page. To turn off the shared runners in GitLab, click the "Enable shared runners for this project" option.

5. Save Changes

To save the adjustments, click the "Save changes" button.

Considering a Move? Try Cloud-Runner!

If you're in pursuit of consistent, fast, and reliable CI/CD execution, Cloud-Runner offers top-tier managed GitLab runners to elevate your development workflows. With us, CI/CD is no longer a bottleneck but a boost.

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